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EMTRAIC begins at COMPASS tokamak

The winter course EMTRAIC begins at COMPASS tokamak. This course is similar to the SUMTRAIC summer training course, however, it is organised for the students of the Erasmus Mundus Fusion Master programme.

The European Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics (FUSION-EP) is a unique programme in the EU by the combination of engineering sciences and a dedicated study of various disciplines of physics ( ).
The jointness/integration of FUSION-EP is evident from multiple components during the course curriculum, in particular the joint modules. These include for the second master year students a two-week Joint Experimentation and Analysis Session (EMTRAIC) on the COMPASS Tokamak in December at IPP Prague and a two-week Joint Practicum in February at CEA Cadarache (France).


EMTRAIC 2015 is attended by 15 students from 10 countries divided into 7 groups by topics. Each group is supervised by 1-2 experts from the COMPASS staff. The training is concluded by the  workshop, where the students present achieved results. Each topical group will also deliver a report to be evaluated.The topics are strongly related to the current research programme of COMPASS such as:
  • Energy balance at NBI
  • Analysis of sawtooth and ELMs instabilities
  • Electron and Ion temperatures at L mode with NBI
  • GAMs
  • Alfven Eigenmodes studies
  • Radial profiles of density and its fluctuations,
  • Runaway electrons studies


9 Dec 2015